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Monday, February 22, 2010


'Hyung' means style, pattern or form. More specifically, in the martial arts a hyung is an organized movement which includes a series of defensive and offensive moves.

A martial art form is a form that uses band strikes and the principle of kicking combined with the internal power that is generated by practicing ''DAN JUN KI BUB" (the Principle of Lower Abdomen Energy) . Also one must be able to move the body quickly with agility and train externally in order to complete the external power.

By practicing in this way, one may have what is considered to be a complete form, meaning a form that combines both the Nei Gong (internal energy) and the Wei Gong (external energy).

The hyung is self training. When performing a hyung the student turns inward to himself to practice self discipline, timing, speed, power, balance, poise, and co-ordination The hyung is the perfect way to practice techniques. With only one-self to consider. the student can focus on the performance of the techniques in the hyung rather than blocking a real blow or the position of the opponent.

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