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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Amazing Kick

This was an amazing kick. I have a friend who is a MMA stylist and I asked him why don't you see this kick in MMA fights. His response to me was that it doesn't work, and it definitely won't knock someone out. As a TMArtist I always get the... feeling that MMArtist think that they're the real thing and we TMArtist are all phony,who practice techniques that will never work in a real fight. I am in no way taking anything away from MMArtist because they train to fight and most TMArtist train to defend themselves. But it goes to show that if you train these techniques properly for a fighting situation they can and will work. By the way it was a TMArtist that taught him this skill, Steven Segal. In my book this is a knock out for TMA.

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