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Monday, October 26, 2009

Justice for Kung Fu Guy - Bobby Joe Blythe Flims

This video shows a mentally challenge man being beaten by a so called black belt. I can not believe that this sort of behavior and attitude is condone in the martial arts community. It is an actually cold case investigation going on as we speak. The man was possibly murdered. You can find out more at

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  1. This is a very disturbing video. Why the isn't this man in jail. From what I read it's because he is 'friends' with the police. This is sickening. I understand that the student that delt the killing blows to The "Kung Fu Man" is in jail on an unrelated charge. This instructor should be in jail, this insident just speaks to the corruption in our justice system in general. We don't put people in jail that have protection or money. Those who don't have either one of these things typically recieve sentances that do not convey justice rather they are sentances of persecution of the underclass. Who will help this man? Where is this mans family? As of yet we cannot answer this question, therefore it is up to us, his bothers and sisters to seek out justice for him. Some police officers, procecutors, and general law enforcement do their work with pride, honestly, and integrity, but many don't. They lie, sort evidence in a manner that is deceptive, and try to make a name for themselves without any consideration to justice. This is shameful, just as shameful as private defence attorney's that lie and do the same thing. There are good people on both sides but finding out who they are is a difficult task the pickings are small. I'm going to print this depiction and
    put it up at the local universities, laundry matts, post office, any place that has a peg board. If you are in a university and are taking classes related to criminal law and thats what you want to do, and you have a passion for justice and doing the right thing talk to your professor and see if you can build a class project around this case and find justice for this unknown kind soul. I have seen prisoners taken off of death row and freed because of the hard work of those who cared about their fellow man. Surely we can find justice for this man. This is on video and as far as I know their is no statute of limitations on murder. This instructor and his student deserve life sentances. I believe in life sentance because it gives people the oppertunity to change if it's in them and make things as close to right as they can be or they get to live a life locked in a physical and mental cell awaiting their life in hell. Either one of these outcomes in my mind amounts to justice.